Our emphasis is to foster communication and interaction between all scientists with different educational backgrounds and to facilitate a common scientific language for international and interdisciplinary research in the field of porous media. Furthermore, the SRP NUPUS provides a platform for comprehensive and dedicated soft-skill development, so that participating scientists are not only able to communicate their research to other scientists, e.g., via conference talks and workshops, or publications and posters, but also to the (non-academic) society. Therefore, the SRP NUPUS informs about and offers courses, summer schools and workshops for (under-)graduate students and keeps scientists working in the field of porous media posted about upcoming international events.

SRP NUPUS encourages the participating researchers to actively take part in international relevant conferences and workshops related to the topic of SRP NUPUS. Through participation in international conferences, the researchers learn to present their work to a critical international audience, widen their view of the latest developments in their fields and, furthermore, come into contact with scientists and industry outside their home institution so that they enhance their collaboration and employment opportunities.