Short Course "Multiscale Methods for Multiphase Flow in Fractured Porous Media"

Short course on

Multiscale Methods for Multiphase Flow in Fractured Porous Media


Prof. Hadi Hajibeygi (TU Delft) is offering a short course on "Multiscale Methods for Multiphase Flow in Fractured Porous Media". Researchers of all SRP NUPUS institutions are welcome to attend the course.

The course is free of charge but registration is obligatory (see registration form below). Refreshments will be provided in the morning and afternoon breaks. However, you will have to cover the costs of your meals, travel and accommodation yourself.

Place:      University of Stuttgart
                Institute for Modelling Hydraulic and Environmental Systems
                Pfaffenwaldring 61
                Seminarroom U1.003 (MultiMediaLab)
                70569 Stuttgart

Date:        Monday, 18th and Tuesday, 19th September 2017

Speaker:  Hadi Hajibeygi
                Assistant Professor at TU Delft, The Netherlands
                Guest Professor at Stuttgart University, Germany


The increasing demand for accurate and efficient simulation of flow in subsurface formations motivates development of advanced computational methods. The non-linear, heterogeneous, uncertain, dynamic and coupled nature of the mathematical formulations – describing flow, transport, and reaction – make such developments quite challenging, yet possible if a multiscale methodology is followed. Such a multiscale methodology should allow for a physics-algebraic-based dynamic multilevel description of the highly-resolved heterogeneous discrete equations; at the same time, allow for crossing up and down between any resolutions, and systematic error reduction to any desired level. This short course is offered to enable the attendees to get an in-depth knowledge and implementation skill of the so-called “basis-function-based multiscale methods”, and their extensions to complex rock (e.g., fractures) and fluid physics (e.g., compressibility and compositional). At the end of the course, all participants will develop their own multiscale simulator in Matlab from scratch.

Learning objectives:

  1. Formulate sequential simulation of multiphase flow (flow-transport) in porous media
  2. Formulate the multiscale procedure for flow: multiscale grids, basis functions, coarse-scale system and interpolation of the fine-scale solution.
  3. Develop a 1D MATLAB code for multiscale simulation of flow in heterogeneous porous media.
  4. Practice on how multiscale methods can be developed/extended to include complex features including fractures using an Embedded Discrete Fracture Modeling (EDFM) approach.


Participants should bring their own laptops having MATLAB Software installed.


Participants from outside Stuttgart should take care of their hotel accommodation themthelves. Here is a list of possible hotels:

On the university campus in Stuttgart Vaihingen:

Universitätsstraße 34
70569 Stuttgart-Vaihingen
Phone: 08005894798
E-Mail: reservierung-vaih at

Römerhof Hotelbetrieb GmbH
Robert-Leicht-Straße 93
70563 Stuttgart-Vaihingen

In the city center:

Hotel am Feuersee
Johannesstraße 2
70176 Stuttgart

Alex 30 Hostel
Alexanderstraße 30
70184 Stuttgart

Hotel Pflieger
Kriegerstraße 5-7
70191 Stuttgart

Registration: Attending the short course is free but registration is obligatory. The registration closed on Sunday, 10th September 2017.