Edward Neely Coltman (SRP NUPUS Scholarshipholder 2017)

Title of Master's thesis: Numerical Investigation of Turbulent Flow around Evaporating Porous Media

Supervisors: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Helmig (University of Stuttgart), Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Fetzer (University of Stuttgart)

Description: Although not well understood, the exchange processes between flow within Porous Media and a Turbulent Free flow have a large variety of applications. Industrial, Biological, and Environmental applications all seek a better understanding of these interface exchanges.

To better understand these processes, models need to be developed. An effective coupling will evaluate these exchanges across the thin, diffusion-dominated, viscous boundary layer that develops between the two flow regimes. Instances of this concept have been implemented in the DuMuX modelling framework, using a staggered grid for the Free Flow area, and a cell-centered finite volume method for the porous media flow. Unfortunately, the existing Turbulence models do not suffice as they have limited applicability when describing flows adjacent to wall boundaries.

This Master’s Thesis aims to improve these models by developing an alternative turbulence model (the K-ω model), on a staggered grid. Grid Convergence will be tested, and its functionality will be compared to analytical solutions and experimental data. This turbulence model will then be coupled to the porous medium flow, and the transport of water vapor and energy between the two regimes will be simulated.