List of SRP NUPUS Scholarships Holders

Name   Period Supervisors Title of Master's thesis
Stollenmaier, Katrin  Passbild_klein 01.04.16-
Helmig, Rainer (University of Stuttgart);
Mardal, Kent-Andre (University of Oslo and Simula Research Laboratory)
Modelling of intra- and extracellular flow and transport processes

Hug, Lisa

 Passbild_klein 01.10.16-
Doster, Florian (Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh);
Helmig, Rainer (University of Stuttgart
Investigation of applicability and parametrization of dual-continuum models through multi-scale finite volume methods

Praditia, Timothy

 Passbild_klein 01.05.17-
Hajibeygi, Hadi (TU Delft);
Helmig, Rainer (University of Stuttgart);
Tene, Matei (TU Delft)
Multiscale Simulation of enhanced geothermal systems

Coltman, Edward Neely

 Passbild_klein 01.05.17-


Fetzer, Thomas (University of Stuttgart);
Helmig, Rainer (University of Stuttgart)
Numerical investigations of turbulent flow around evaporating porous media
Proissl, Claudius  Passbild_klein 01.04.17-
Nowak, Wolfgang (University of Stuttgart);
Most, Sebastian (University of Stuttgart)
Dependent stochastik processes for simulating transport in porous media
Kurz, Theresa   01.10.17-
Weishaupt, Kilian (University of Stuttgart) Implementation and investigation of different coupling schemes for hybrid-dimensional models in DuMuX