Research Areas

Structure of the Research Progamme
The research programme is divided into four research areas (RA). All research projects associated to the SRP-NUPUS will be assigned to an RA. The four research ares are:




RA-A “Free flow and porous-media flow interaction”
RA-B “Fracture and fluid flow interaction”
RA-C “Fluid-solid phase change interaction”
RA-D “Simulation methods and tools”

Even though, the research is divided into four research areas, those areas and the research therein is strongly interconnected. Fracture dynamics, as investigated within RA-B, are strongly influenced by the coupling of free flow (in the fractures) and porous media flow that is the main subject of RA-A. The fluid solid phase change problems tackled by RA-C may be heavily influenced by the development of sub-scale fractures and therefore link strongly to RA-B. Salt precipitation, which is driven by the winds on top of the subsurface, and the clogging of pore space in the subsurface links RA-A to RA-C. RA-D can deliver important software tools and stochastic methods for addressing the research questions that are posed in all the other research areas.